Electronic thermodynamic control system Systel-Dionysos

The SYSTEL-DIONYSOS company specializes in electronic thermodynamic control systems, remote controls, etc. It is a modern manufacturer both in terms of hardware and software.
Control and tracking of all stages of the production process and of the winery itself is carried out through a computer at the winery or from a remote computer or even from a large touch screen.
In each tank there is an individual waterproof electronic panel that monitors everything: minimum and maximum temperature, alarm levels in case the temperature of the tank fails to stay within set limits, number of times and intervals of remixing, and density of the must during fermentation.
All these data are automatically stored in the computer and presented in tabular form as well as in graphs with the respective curves.
Inside each panel there is an industrial-grade circuit board (almost zero malfunctions). There is also a micro-computer to control all functions which is upgradeable for any future developments or applications.
There is also a secondary circuit which continues to control the individual electronic display in the tank in case of failure in another part of the circuit.
The BUS is specially developed and designed for rapid communication and data exchange between the individual electronic panels and the central system.
The system comes with electro-pneumatic stainless steel valves whose main feature is zero failure over many years under extreme conditions.

The central program for management, data monitoring and commands enables themonitoring and control of up to 255 tanks.
The computer screen displays the layout of the winery with all tanks (even if they are at different levels) in real geometric dimensions, to scale, of course. Choosing any tank, you open the appropriate window to set all the parameters mentioned above.
The display, including alarms that can be set through the computer, is particularly clear, using different shapes and colors so that each function can be readily understood.
Finally, on the computer screen all the results of density and temperature measurements for each tank are displayed either in tabular form or in curves on a graph, along with settings for alert thresholds, history, whether the system is working in cooling or heating mode, the real-time status of every electro-pneumatic valve, etc.
In sum, the integrated Systel-Dionysos system can offer complete trackability throughout the vinification process, from grapes to bottle.


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